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Rock Naadam on C1 TV - Boys Climbing Ropes and Moon Tyrant

In July 2011, Shanghai local rock bands Boys Climbing Ropes, The Horde and Moon Tyrant went to Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan, Mongolia to perform for the first Rock Naadam tour. The tour, which brought China-based bands to Mongolia for the first time, followed with dates in Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai featuring great…


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Tony Adamo - "This Time It's Real"

If you’ve ever been in love, you know the feeling you get when that special someone comes along and everything within you shouts, “This is it!! This is the one!!” Well, Tony Adamo has captured the sentiments of that with a remake of Tower of Power’s hit “This Time It’s Real,” and he hit the nail right on the head. The strong Tower of Power horn section does an outstanding job and a funky sax solo makes the song even more enjoyable. This track is definitely a groove and will…


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The music business has been and is undergoing crazy changes that is shaking up all the major and small players in the industry. The problem is not the evolution of a different way of manipulating and consuming media but the failure of the player to foresee and yield to these changes.


In studying entrepreneurship last semester, I came across the concept of…


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Taiwan's Mavis Fan Follows Her Own Yellow Brick Road

While my recent trip to Taiwan could only be described as a crash-course in the country's music sector, I had had the pleasure to see Fan Xiaoxuan, aka Mavis Fan, perform a year earlier at MIDEM with her band 100%. I immediately became a fan of the "Little Witch of Music" for her ability to straddle pop and rock influences and spot-on vocals into a seamless high-energy…


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Long Island Hard Rockers BLACK DAWN To Perform At John The Doorman's B-Day Bash

Black Dawn, a heavy metal band from Long Island, are ready to unleash their brand of punishing and relentless rock to old and new fans alike when they play at the Local 269 on Friday, September 9th. The JOHN THE DOORMAN'S B-DAY BASH presented by Castle 83-11 Lifers will also feature GODAMHATE, SOMEONELSE, and SYMPTOM 7.

Castle 83-11 Lifers NYC Presents BLACK DAWN

Friday, September 9th at 7:30pm



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Pet Conspiracy 2011 Summer World Tour - China, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia

Beijing electro-punk quartet Pet Conspiracy (宠物同谋) are in in the middle of their 2011 Summer Tour, having just performed at Singapore's Baybeats Music Festival. The worldwide month-long tour kicked off on Aug. 8th in Qingdao, China at the the Ark Beach Music Festival, followed by performances at the Lethargy Festival and Rote Frabrik on August 12-13 in Zurich,…


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"This Road" - La Res

La Res’ new music video “The Road” tackles the heart-wrenching reality of post-traumatic stress on veterans. The first single to be released from La Res’ new album Revolution, “The Road” also appears in the critically acclaimed new film Happy New Year. This compelling rock video shows the trauma of being in a war zone and seeing things that change your life and who you are forever.

“The Road” begins with a soldier awakening from a recurring nightmare that…


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Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"

Elijah J is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry, as many will remember him as Simba in the Lion King. But he has arrived on the urban/dance music scene with energy, a great voice, and dance moves that defy gravity and pull it all together. In his video, “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” which is well produced and shines brightly with talent (including Chaz Marcus), Elijah J and his crew put on a show that is impressive and captivating. The video features music that…


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Fix You - Music Matters for Japan

Not many people can forget March 11, 2011, when an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale struck off the east coast of Japan, creating a tsunami which caused massive devastation and loss of life. But In the worst of times, the best of humanity often makes an appearance. This was definitely the case when, during the 6th annual…


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Essay : On Desire

Photo of the magnetic field of two bar magnets with like poles close together » by Alexander Wilmer Duff)

In Buddhist culture, there exists the core notion of the three poisons, which are considered to be the cause of all sufferings.

In English, the poisons are generally…


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Tony Adamo - Groove Therapy

San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter Tony Adamo delivers some of his best work to date with his remake of Tower of Power’s “Groove Therapy.” “Groove Therapy” is a cut from Adamo’s CD Straight Up Deal, and this is a vibrant, earthy track with a definite 70s feel and all the funk you can handle. The horn section features members of the original Tower of Power horn section, and Tony smoothly delivers the “therapy,” musically speaking, that is. The “doctor” is definitely in the…


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Jami Lundi - "Big Black Birds"

Jami Lundi’s “Big Black Birds” is the title track from her new 11 track album Big Black Birds, which was released on August 9th on the Awnry Girl Records label. An alternative country/Americana song about the conversations between Jami and the black birds that followed her all over Colorado, California, Thailand, and Indonesia while she was penning the album, “Big Black Birds” is a mid tempo easy going track that’s short and smooth with great lyrics and a simple, but catchy…


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Tony Adamo - "Eleanor Rigby"

Musician and singer Tony Adamo isn’t afraid to tackle a classic and put his own spin on it, incorporating influences of blues, jazz, pop, rock, and many other genres. This master of soul brings back great old songs in a manner that can be appreciated by those who heard the originals and music lovers who are hearing the songs for the first time. With Adamo’s remake of the The Beatles classic song “Eleanor Rigby,” Adamo brings back memories while getting his pop infused with funk…


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Nelly Petkova feat. Miro Gee - "Lucky One"

Nelly Petkova’s well-produced video “Lucky One” featuring Miro Gee is a fast paced dance groove that is absolutely smoking. Just right for the house, the club, or anywhere you want to dance, this is one track that you just can’t sit still on. Petkova’s exudes energy and when she aims to please, she gets her way, and with lyrics like “Show me what you got/Get me hot/Don’t you want to have it?” Petkova almost emits flames from the screen in one sexy, smoldering outfit after…


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MusicDish*China Launches Music Video Competition For Chinese Bands

MusicDish*China announced the launch of a new music video competition for independent Chinese artists and bands. Open to bands from the mainland, Hong Kong/Macau as well as Taiwan and Singapore, the competition will offer them the opportunity to have their videos promoted on the MusicDishTV platform as well as by Chinese music portal Sohu ( Bands can enter the competition at…


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J. L. J - "Party On"

The hip hop track “Party On” is a fast paced groove with solid beats and hooks that will have you “getting your crunk on” all night long. Boasting smooth rhymes and music that you can seriously jam to, club goers and all who love to party are in for a treat with this song. The premise of it is that the clubs may close, but the party continues on. And for all the ladies and gents who want to keep it going, the dance, the drinks, and the desire to party are not ending – just…


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Procession (Juggernaut part 3 - revisited)

Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India » by James Fergusson)

The third part of « Juggernaut, » entitled « Procession, » evokes the arrival of the crushing force before it unleashes into a frenzy of…


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The Spirit Of Peace And Music Festival Announces Camping At The Rock Hollow Hunt Club

Scully Entertainment, LLC is teaming up with the town of Freeport, IL and Mayor George Gaulrapp to bring you a brand new festival in Northern Illinois. Chevelle, Everclear, Filter, BoDeans, Los Lonely Boys,Tonic, The Apollo Effect, Joshua James and Big Head Todd and The Monsters and an additional 40+ up and coming artists are set to rock three stages! Camping is now available at $25.00 advanced ticket sales and $35.00 on arrival. Free…


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Summers - "Too Late"

The video “Too Late” is the first single release by the rock band Summers, and is truly a rock lover’s paradise. The music and style of Summers is reminiscent of Def Leppard in the 1980s. With a overall great song from the band, lead vocals, a rocking good guitar solo, heartfelt lyrics, and a catchy chorus, the video and song are well done and impressive. With lyrics like “I pushed the good girls out/And let the bad girls in/Then you came along/And changed something/Girl, there…


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"Ocean Midi Festival 2011" Coming Soon!

China's No.1 outdoor music festival Midi Festival continues to spread music and dreams across the nation. From August 4th to 7th, the Ocean Midi Festival will be held at the Olympic Water Park in Rizhao, Shandong Province! Midi is touring in Beijing, Shanghai, Rizhao and Zhenjiang this year - this frequency has broken the record amongst any music festival brand in China!…


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