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Our song "One Good Ride" was just picked up by a major TV show

2014 is starting off with a bang. Our song "One Good Ride" was just picked up by a major TV show. Details coming soon.....

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The Dead Inklings


This collection of songs was an east coast/west coast collaboration between myself and song writer Dan Draney. From his song ideas, I arranged, produced, recorded, and performed all the instrumentation as well as the lead vocals. The result is an emotive 10 song release under the moniker "The Dead Inklings".

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July 14th 2009 George Richey Chat - Host: Penny Campbell-Loewen

Penny_(Host)_: Our guest tonight is songwriter George Richey, who has written hits for George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Lori Morgan, Aaron Neville. Just to name a few. So if everyone is ready, let’s start with our first question…

Penny_(Host)_: 1. Member’s question: N.J.: I would like you to tell us one of your fondest memories of your early years when you were first starting out as a songwriter and had no money. Was it hard, fun, aggravating? And what was your first “break” in the music… Continue

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Looking Forward to Our Best Year at Tunesmithpro by Louis Brown


I look forward to some great results this year for members of Tunesmithpro. Nancy has another year of experience and she already was one of the best go-getters in the Nashville area. I think true signs of success for our organization will happen in the New Year around the corner.


We have an ever growing number of good writers, many of whom can write with the best. We have some interesting programs to get involved with to make us better better known for what we…


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My Visit with Marc-Alan Barnette

I'm in Nashville as I type. I really regret I have to leave tomorrow. I wish I was able to attend the Tunesmith workshop, but family issues are preventing it.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and spending the day with Marc-Alan Barnette (also known as MAB). I learned so much about the real Nashville. He basically took his 30 year wealth of Nashville-knowledge and wedged it into my brain in a couple hours...yes, my brain hurts a little, but it saved me a lot of money and time going… Continue

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My CD is now available for download at amazon.com!!

Hey everybody,
Just wanted to let you all know that my latest EP is now available for download at amazon.com for only $6. You would be helping me out greatly to go and purchase it! I even threw on an extra track thats not on the actual CD. Just follow the link! Thanks!~



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Someone Once Said...

Someone once said, "If

your not too worried about your image, I guess you could always go into

Country Music." In my most humble opinion, being a Nashville Country

Music Artist, nothing could be farther from the truth. Country Music

Fans, Musicians, Writers and Artists are just as well aware of what

looks healthy, beautiful and vivacious as are the rest of the people on

this planet. For those people that do not enjoy…

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My "Walk Away" song

So excited about my song "Walk Away"! We brought in a really great guitar player to add to the song. When I sang it live with the band at Bratfest, I love the way it sounded so instead of it just being an acoustic song I decided to finish it off. I'm working to finish my first album by the end of September. It will have 5 songs on it which I wrote the lyrics and melodies. My awesome friend Beth Kille has put in a lot of time helping me with this and I can't thank her enough. Hopefully I get… Continue

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Looks like it is about time I got my butt back here. Howdy everyone...

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Very Excited To Be Here

Hey Everyone!
How goes it? Anyways, I first want to thank the wonderful Nan Cassidy for giving this opportunity to help bring Tunesmith to bigger places. I have been in love with country music for awhile now, and am glad to be working with Tunesmith to help showcase songs that need to be heard by everyone. Now I must tell you that my page is in progress, but as soon as I figure out where everything is it'll be your place to go for membership info, and anything I'm told/allowed to put on…

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This weekend on T.J. and Company (10/17)

So much music to play this weekend on T.J. AND COMPANY! Hey kids, you like Kenny Loggins? How about Sir Elton John? That's just a sample of artists that you can hear this Saturday from 3-5pm CST on WRFN FM 98.9 or www.radiofreenashville.org . It's radio like it used to be! See you on the radio...... I hope you can join me!


We'll be off the air next weekend as we get ready to switch to 107.1 FM --then we'll be heard all over Nashville! Back on October 31 with a… Continue

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"Build an Artist, Build a Brand" Campaign

Build a Brand, Build an Artist

What about using music as a catalyst for advertising and brand building campaigns? Just think of it for a second...Read the following summary of our new Build an Artist, Build a Brand Campaign.

Tunesmith Ventures is putting together joint venture projects titled Build an Artist Build a Brand we start with the main ingredient that has been an after thought for way too long and that is an awesome song.

We study all the possible… Continue

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"You're a Fire"

"You're a Fire"

© 2009 Cheryl A Moon

slow - country

If you were air

I would take a deep breath

And hold you there

Til my lungs were spent

If you were earth

Crumbling in my hand

I would treasure

Every grain of sand

But You're a Fire that burns in my heart

A flame that licks at passion in the dark

Your love sends me out of control

You're a Fire and you sear my soul

If you were water

Raining… Continue

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Pro Chat welcomes Jimmy Carter Tuesday July 21st, at 8:00 PM

Hello everyone. This page will host our "Pro Chat Guests"

We are happy to announce Celebrity Reporter Jimmy Carter as our pro chat guest this week.

So be sure and be here in the chat room July 21st at 8 PM central time.

Tuesday the 21st at 8:00 PM Jimmy Carter


Nope, not the President, It is the celebrity news reporter.

Jimmy Carter has been a TV/Radio reporter for many years, and has interviewed just about every one that is… Continue

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