Someone once said, "If
your not too worried about your image, I guess you could always go into
Country Music." In my most humble opinion, being a Nashville Country
Music Artist, nothing could be farther from the truth. Country Music
Fans, Musicians, Writers and Artists are just as well aware of what
looks healthy, beautiful and vivacious as are the rest of the people on
this planet. For those people that do not enjoy Country Music or know
much about it, some of the most talented and gifted musicians and
writers in the world are from Nashville. That is why everyone from
Little Richard to Bon Jovi either lives here or come here to record.
Not only is Nashville overflowing with the some of the greatest talent
in the world but to that list you can add, play writes, movie
directors, engineers, producers and some of the most ingenious business
people in the world. The list goes on and on and in this day and age,
as I like to say as a female Country Music Artist, "I'm only one cheese
burger away from a career!" You can change the cheese burger part to
pizza or ice cream or whatever you want. You get my drift!! LOL!! The
majority of Country Music Artists when not in the studio, or on tour or
on stage are at the gym or being trained or guided by very talented
life coaches. Some of us spend our time in dance studios or martial art
facilities or sometimes all of the above when not at work. The point
is, we work very hard to stay in shape, stay healthy and stay
productive. Today's Country Music Industry is one of the most difficult
pursuits in show business. Not only does one have to look great, be in
great shape, either be a great business person or hire a great business
firm, you also have to be a great performer, sometimes writer, a great
vocalist and definitely a great person! Let's not forget attitude! If
you do not love people, this is the wrong industry for you! When people
ask me "How can I do what your doing? I want to be an Artist too." I
usually say "You may want to consider picking a different career!"
LOL!! People all throughout the Country Music Industry and I all agree
that the greatest gift that any of us receive in this industry is
friendship! In Country Music there are truly some of the kindest most
wonderful people you will ever meet. I am so grateful for the people
that The Lord has brought into my life as an Artist in Nashville. These
great folks have changed my life in so many ways. Thank you doesn't
even begin to come close to expressing my humble gratefulness for the
expressions of love and friendship that have been shown to me by The
Great People of The Great State of Tennessee. I write this blog to say,
If you want to be a part of The Country Music Industry, your image is
not all you need to worry about!! Although vastly important in this
industry, more than that is God, Friends and Attitude! Country Music
Today is about real people, real talent, real music a lot of hard work.
I have such a huge respect for those that are out there doing a hundred
or more concert dates per year. You are the heroes and I recognize and
appreciate your great sacrifice.

Mandy Mason

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